Our Mission

The SmartLab Knowledge Center is dedicated to developing “Smart” solutions that supports high value-added products and technologies. The SmartLab Knowledge Center operates within the University Research and Innovation Center (EKIK).

Our aims

SmartLab Knowledge Center (SLNC) is cooperating with their partners on complex, cross-disciplinary innovation projects to achieve high-values added outputs. SLNC primarily performs applied research and development activities induced by real market needs. SmartLab Knowledge Center is acting as an infrastructural organization for the employees of the University of Óbuda, engaged in activities related to applied informatics, which also plays a significant role in education (especially at the PhD level).

The SLNC’s R&D activities are focusing on the following topics:

  • Development and application of process and system simulation related to manufacturing technology
  • Numerical characterization and modeling of urban mobility
  • Development and application of nature-inspired optimization procedures
  • Development and application of Machine Learning (Deep Learning) solutions